Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety

The philosophy of the Otafuku Group is “The Heart of Monozukuri”.
Purse natural tastes that are safe and secure with our spirit and history imbued in every single drop.
That is our basic stance to achieve the ultimate safety in our food products.

Food Product Safety Policy

Food Product Safety Policy of the Otafuku Group

  1. I.Provide safe products in a secure manner to meet the constant need of our customers for only the best products.
  2. II.Pursue high levels of hygiene and quality control to aid our efforts to produce products where each drop is valuable to us.
  3. III.Maintain good communication within and outside of the company to aid our efforts to acquire new knowledge and technology corresponding to changes in the world.
  4. IV.Strictly obey laws of Japan and foreign countries, and social norms, and strive to appropriately provide information in order to earn the trust of our customers.

Only the Choicest Ingredients

Putting an abundant amount of vegetables, fruits and spices in our sauces creates a natural taste that translates to rich flavor and true deliciousness. We seek out the highest quality ingredients from around the globe.

Australian Tomato Field

Inspection of Production Sites

We visit fields and other growing locations around the world for our ingredients, taking the opportunity to talk directly with owners and producers. We carefully check the surrounding environment, production processes and sanitation conditions while also talking with owners and producers to create a relationship of trust and improve quality.

Dates: Blessed Fruit

Dates, one of the crucial ingredients of Okonomi Sauce, are a fruit with great vitality as they are cultivated in the deserts of the Near and Middle East. It is described in the Koran as a food given to us by God and is an essential food for Muslims when fasting during Ramadan. It has been loved as a nutritional food of the caravans that have roamed the desert since ancient times, and is known as the "Blessed Fruit" due to containing plentiful amounts not only of sugar but also various minerals such as iron and calcium, as well as dietary fiber and various vitamins.

Quality Control Management System

At our plants in Japan and abroad, we make sure our manufacturing processes are safe and reliable by acquiring various certifications.

  • Head Office Factory・DaiwaFactory

    FSSC 22000 (acquired in April 2014)

  • Nikko Factory

    ISO 9001 (acquired in August 2015)

  • Qingdao Factory

    ISO 22000 (acquired in November 2019)

  • Malaysia Factory

    Halal Certification(acquired in March 2017)

    OTAFUKU SAUCE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD.manufactures 16 items which acquired HALAL certification from JAKIM,a Malaysia,on March 1,2017.

  • Los Angeles Factory

    SQF Certification (acquired in May 2018)

    We have acquired the SQF (Safe Quality Food) Certification, an international standard certification based on HACCAP.
    By acquiring more advanced international standard certifications, we can provide more customers with safe and secure products.

Creation of a Safe and Secure System

Factory Inspection

Quality is confirmed by the Quality Assurance Division that performs periodic inspections of all group factories according to thorough strict standards. Business to business customers also provide strict inspections in order to maintain and improve our already high quality.

Display Purpose

On the left, “Sauce” is displayed in katakana.
On the right, "Sauce" is spelled in alphabet.

In November 1998, we placed braille on “Okonomi Sauce” and “Yakisoba Sauce” bottles (500g size). In addition, since it is exported overseas and is also displayed in English.