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Message from the President

Otafuku Sauce’s President, Takatomi Sasaki,
would like to convey our initiatives in line with our corporate philosophy.

President Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd.Takatomi Sasaki
Remarks on Appointment as President

I have been appointed as the eighth president of Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd. In the same way as my predecessors, I am committed to cherishing the trust placed in us by our customers and working together so that we remain a company that is needed in society. Amidst the major changes that have been brought about in the world by Covid-19, I believe that society and consumers today seek bright news, smiling faces and security for the future.That is why we have adopted “Energy” and “Earth friendly” as our policies for this fiscal year, and we are determined to deliver happiness, joy and vigor through food.

Sincerely Facing Customers and Flexibly Responding to Change

Our daily lives including food and meals have undergone great changes: for example, whereas people are spending more time at home and have greater opportunities to do cooking, economic activities have been limited and restaurants are struggling to attract customers. In order to realize our enduring ideal that is “to contribute to a joyous society with health, wellness and happiness through food”, we must promptly turn our attention and respond to the transitions and issues brought about by new lifestyles and changing business environment in the Covid-19 crisis and envisaging the world both during and after the pandemic. To that end, I believe that it is important to compile tentative theories with “logical intention” and “inspiration and ideas based on sensitivity”, and to work on resolving problems that our customers have with the utmost sincerity. As inbound consumption declines and the absolute quantity of dietary intake falls due to the greying of society and so on, overall market consumption is in decline. In such circumstances, when I consider the ways in which we can contribute to society, I believe it is important for each and every employee to act with initiative in the spirit of selfless devotion for others.

In the previous fiscal year, having the objectives of brushing-up our operations and products and creating new things, we adopted a policy of “Brush-up and creation” and implemented a variety of initiatives around the central pillars of “Healthy, simple & easy”, “Earth friendly” and “Dates”. With a view to raising the profile of the Otafuku brand among overseas consumers too, we introduced English logos to our “Okonomi Sauce” and our other sauce and okonomiyaki product lines; moreover, as part of our efforts to respond to the social issue of reducing food losses, we changed the method of displaying the best-before date from “year, month and day” to “year and month” on 67 household product items and also strived for greater efficiency in food loss reduction, delivery and inventory management. Furthermore, to raise awareness of “dates”, which are an indispensable raw material in creating the richness and sweetness of our “Okonomi Sauce”, we strived to transmit their appeal by conducting various promotions and posting recipes on social networking services. In addition, to limit the risk of Covid-19 infections due to commuting, we actively introduced new approaches to work by encouraging employees to work remotely, distributing online class videos, conducting online sales activities and so on.

Aiming to Be a Company That Is Kind to People and the Planet

his fiscal year, we have adopted “Energy” and “Earth friendly” as our policies. These policies are infused with the powerful message that our employees will personally act with vigor and continue to introduce bright topics into the world. To realize this, employees will pool their individual “Energy” and reinforce cooperation among group companies so that we can respond to the changing times and link these efforts to the future.

Moreover, continuing from last year, “Earth friendly” remains an important theme for us. Now, all people and companies have an obligation to seriously confront environmental issues for the sake of realizing a sustainable society. Through continuing our initiatives to tackle plastic containers and packaging, address energy issues and reduce food losses, we are committed to becoming a company that is more kind to people and the planet than before.

As a Company That Originated in Hiroshima

In 2020, Hiroshima marked the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing. On August 6, 75 years ago, destruction befell the city of Hiroshima, and our forerunner - “Sasaki Shouten”- was burned to the ground. As the hibakusha (victims of the atomic bomb) become older, we are reminded of our mission to preserve their memory and pass it onto future generations. As food that was created through the wisdom of people during the age of the post-war food scarcity, Hiroshima’s okonomiyaki is dietary culture that symbolizes the city’s reconstruction. By connecting people through the borderless food of okonomiyaki, which can be made with ingredients found anywhere in the world, we are committed to practicing our founder’s wish of “seeking the way of truth, deeply and mutually absolving our sins and sincerely praying for world peace” and thereby contributing to building a peaceful society.