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Our History

The “Monozukuri” of Otafuku began with it’s founder’s wish of “spreading happiness to people is the core of our happiness “.

Company History



Company founder, Seiichi Sasaki, opens "Sasaki Shouten" as a sake and soy sauce wholesaler/retailer in the town of Yokogawa (Hiroshima-shi).

"at Sasaki Shoten"
the time of its founding
1938 Vinegar brewing production starts under the brand name of "Otafuku-su."
1945 The city of Hiroshima is entirely destroyed by the atomic bomb.
1950 Sauce production and sales start.

Sales of the new Okonomiyaki Sauce start.

Okonomiyaki Sauce



Use of dates starts.
Name changed to Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd.

Research and
development in the 1960s
1978 Head Office Factory moves to the Shoko Center (Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi).

Sales of 500g "bag bottle" of Okonomi Sauce as a top runner in the market.

Early design of the
Okonomi Sauce squeeze
1987 Okonomiyaki Training Center opens in Tokyo.
1990 Daiwa Factory is completed and starts operation dedicated exclusively to vinegar production.
1998 Okonomi Foods introduces the new "Okonomiyaki Ingredient Set" product.
Formation of Okonomiyaki division.


2000 Establishment of the Okayama Okonomiyaki Training Center
2005 Business and capital tie-up with Union Sauce Co., Ltd.
2008 Wood Egg Okonomiyaki Museum opens.
2009 Conversion to a holding company.
"Otafuku Fukkuru Nursery School" office daycare center opens.


2013 Qingdao Factory (China) is completed and starts operation.
Los Angeles Factory (USA) is completed and starts operation.
2014 Okonomiyaki Academy is established.
2015 Otafuku R&D Center Will Egg opens.
2016 Otafuku Sauce Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is established.
OPP Co., Ltd. is established.
2017 The first store managed directly by our company called "Vege Love it!" opens.
The products of Otafuku Sauce Malaysia acquires the Halal Certification.

Our Taipei Branch opens in Taiwan.
The okonomiyaki cooking studio "OKOSTA" opens at Hiroshima Station.
Opened “Taipei Branch” in Taiwan.
Opened “oh!!sauce” at Hankyu Umeda Branch in Osaka.

Okonomiyaki cooking
studio "OKOSTA"