New Spicy Okonomi Sauce for Export is on Sale!

Global News 2021/07/19

New Spicy Okonomi Sauce for Export is On Sale!

-This sauce is available in a fully vegan-friendly version-


We announce that we launch new Spicy Okonomi Sauce for Export.

■Why did we start producing “Spicy Okonomi Sauce for Export”?

We originally sell Spicy Okonomi Sauce for Domestic only. However, the demand of “Spicy” Okonomi Sauce is growing overseas. We developed Spicy Okonomi Sauce for Export (220g) and started selling the sauce for abroad.

We want more and more people enjoy our Spicy Okonomi Sauce, so we renewed it as “vegan-friendly” Spicy Okonomi Sauce for Export (300g).


■What points have been improved?

We made this sauce using no animal-derived ingredients. This product meets the growing need around the world for fully vegan-friendly options.

The flavor of spices got stronger. You can enjoy both sweet and spicy flavor.

We also changed the size from 220g to 300g.


■What dishes does Spicy Okonomi Sauce complement?

You can use the sauce for Okonomiyaki. Our Spicy Okonomi Sauce also complement Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Tonkatsu, Sushi rolls, and so on.

Our " Spicy Okonomi Sauce " has the sweet and savory taste which goes well with many kinds of dishes. We are proud of its reputation of being a "clean label" product, that only uses the highest quality ingredients. Please check it out and enjoy cooking and eating. Our sauce brings you happiness.