The Wish within“Otafuku”

Global News 2020/12/28

The Wish within “Otafuku”

The name“Otafuku”is meant to represent“Bringing

happiness to a great amount of people.”Our face logo

image(Otafuku-san)consists of her thin eyes(showing

an ever smiling face), her low nose(representing

humility), her tiny mouth(implying that she does not

waste her words), her large ears(signifying her ability

to listen),her robust cheeks (indicating a healthy body

and mind), and her wide forehead(portraying her

wisdom), which are all expressions to show us that her

beauty is internal.The basic flavors are sweetness,

sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami. We hope to

be loved forever by everyone who knows about the

sweet, sour, and bitter times of life, and this is why we

have used the“Otafuku”brand over our long history.